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Blogging is very popular. Most of bloggers have great financial income. This fact is inspiring. Youtube is an attractive service for business. Creating interesting movies can help them earn more money and increase an ability to impact. The first thing that you should do is to understand how can you share your vlogs to this platform.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

Formats, that are supported by YouTube: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, DNxHR, ProRes, CineForm, HEVC (h265).

First step – open https://www.youtube.com/ page. Users can’t post movies if they doesn’t have account. If you haven’t got an account or haven’t signed in, click “Sign In”. You can find it on top-right corner.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

Follow the instructions.

After registration or signing in, you should press profile button in top-right corner and open YouTube Studio.

Next you will see the Upload” button. It looks like a stripe with an up arrow.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

Next you can see the screen with the same picture and big blue button “SELECT FILE”. Press it and choose a video.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

There are two ways how users can upload their movies:

  1. Choosing the file in a separate dialogue window. It’s the same to opening files in Microsoft Word, Paint or other programs. This window opens after pressing the blue button highlighted in green in the screenshot above.
  2. Dragging and dropping to this screen.

After choosing necessary movie YouTube will offer to fill in the fields:

  1. Title. It can’t be longer than 100 characters.
  2. Description – additional information. One recommendation: add relevant keywords that can show it in search results for a specific request.
  3. Thumbnail. This is a picture that is shown near your movie. It draws an attention. Users can choose an image suggested by Youtube or upload their own.

Click “Next” button.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

There are a lot of advanced settings that are not required but can help to earn more money:

  1. Playlists. Option that allows people to add movies to specific playlists.
  2. End Screen.
  3. Cards. Feature that can help bloggers to add interactive cards with links, pols and other.
  4. Language and subtitles. Option that can help to create video for specific geographical auditory.
  5. Tags – keywords. This feature can help your auditory to find your blog. Movies with same tags are often shown in the “Recommended” block.
  6. Category – type of movie.
  7. Recording date. Time of creating this movie.
  8. Video location – describe the geographical area.
  9. License.
  10. Additional options. For example, age restriction.
  11. Comments and ratings. Show or hide comments. 

Press “Next” button and go to the next screen – privacy settings. Here you can choose who is allowed to watch this movie. There are three options – public, private, unlisted. In the first case all people can find it. In the second publication is only avaible for user who uploaded it and in the third case access to the movie is opening for people who have got link.

If blogger wants to notify fans about new movie, he can choose “premiere mode” and finally he can have to tap on the “Publish” button.

Uploading from iOS device

The instruction, how to upload movies to YouTube from iPhone, is very easy. First step – installing the official app for iOS. Next blogger need to tap an account icon and sign in. After that press on video icon.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

If he upload movie in the first time you should tap the OK button in the prompt about accessing to the photos.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

Next select the movie and in the next screen you can edit it: trim, apply filters or music. If your movie is great, press “Next” button.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

Then fill in the fields “title”, “description”, “privacy” and tap “Upload”. Blogger can share the movie from gallery instead of using this app for this task.

The steps you have to do on iPad are similar.

How to Post to YouTube from Android

The logic of posting videos to YouTube with Android phone app is similar to iPhone. Tap on a camera button.

Tap record or go live button and choose the movie. Next enter basic information about video and press “upload”. Your youtube video is ready.

How to Post a Video on YouTube

Also users can share blogs to channel from their device using Google account.

How to Upload Music

Bloggers can connect vlogs with music. But they doesn’t have any possibilities to upload audio file. Also you must know: youtube music blocks the videos with music without confirmed rights.

How to Upload Long Videos

The maximum length by default is 15 minutes. Users can’t upload videos with longer duration to platform until you verify the accout. After that they can submit movies up to 12 hours.

If blogger wants to increase the duration he have to press the link “Increase your limit” and follow the instructions and he can upload long videos to YouTube.