Mobile Apps for Pro and Amateur Photographers
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In our world, anyone can take a great picture as long as this person has a mobile phone. All the technology companies work on improving camera abilities in their devices. Still, some photos look better than others even if they were taken with the same phone model. Is it the natural talent of a photographer or is there something else? Both. Some people really are better at making good shots naturally, some have studied it, and there are people who use apps. 

Let us tell you which mobile apps use pro and amateur photographers. And you will find it really comfortable to use too. 



The name of the app speaks for itself – InstaSize will help you to create the best pictures for Instagram. It has lots of features. This app is used by newbies and bloggers because it is really convenient to create beautiful photos there. This app includes editing tools, lots of filters, shading tools, different frames, video editing. You even can find photo spots near you to take beautiful pictures through this app. And the most often used feature is resizing for stories, banners, posts for Instagram. 



This app by Google has many features that usually appear in programs for photographers. Apart from ordinary functions like crop, rotation, vignette, there are functions close to Photoshop. You can apply double exposure, different filters or just adjust the main parameters in the tune image section. Also, you can expand a photo and change faces colour, size, smile and many other things. 

This App is a must for every photographer who wants to edit images nice and easy; is available for iOS and Android. 



VSCO is also one of the most popular photo editing apps. It is also a popular photo-sharing app. The simple and genuine design makes it really easy to use – the main menu, icons, tools – all are designed in a neat way. You can put presets and filters on your photos. Unfortunately, to get more filters you`ll need to pay. 

VSCO has a built-in camera that was highly appraised by many professionals. You can set up this camera for better results. 


PhotScan by Google Photos

This is a scanning app to digitize your printed picture. With this app, you can transfer your childhood photos or anything printed on your phone. Good quality and simple usage are what makes this app great. You do not need to pay to scan your printed images with PhotoScan app.

Hope you will enjoy using these apps and will create truly excellent images.