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Create an Instagram content plan for the next month. Write down briefly what you will say in the posts. See how much they reveal or complement your chosen topic. You will clearly understand who your account is aimed at and how you will attract targeted subscribers.

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How to Get Instagram Followers

Create an Instagram content plan for the next month. Write down briefly what you will say in the posts. See how much they reveal or complement your chosen topic. You will clearly understand who your account is aimed at and how you will attract targeted subscribers.

Use Schedule for Posting

Schedule for Posting

1-2 posts every day in your Instagram profile is your new rule. This way you will keep your existing audience active and gain relevant subscribers. Publish posts every day at approximately the same time. You can do this yourself or use automatic posting services.

The convenience of such services is that you can relax and not keep track of time. Or prepare several publications in advance, issue them and be sure that your subscribers regularly receive useful information, even if you are not online.

Publish one live video per day and check it’s effect in Instagram analytics. This feature is actively used by both bloggers and entrepreneurs. Be at the forefront and use all the advantages to the fullest. Your live video will appear in the same line where Instagram stories are placed, only next to the photo will be the inscription live. And it will always be at the top of the list, which is good for Instagram marketing.

What should you do?

  • Determine the time when most of your subscribers are online.
  • Publish the post-announcement in your account.
  • At the appointed time, go to stories and select live.
  • Start recording.

Post Only High-Quality Photos

Get people interested so that they click on the photo and read your post, and then go to the page and subscribe. Take photos yourself, take pictures of everything around you, or share personal images. Try to avoid long-familiar photos found using search.

Try Instagram Filters

Instagram Filters

Instagram allows you to create masterpieces of your brand from photos that are not the most successful using retouching and filters.

By default, 23 free filters are enabled in the app. To connect the others, use the following algorithm: click Manage (Android) or Settings (iOS) at the end of the list of filters. In the menu that opens, check the box next to the filters that you need.

Look in Instagram Profile Analytics

Instagram Profile Analytics

Publish Instagram posts when most of your subscribers and influencers are online. To do this, connect Analytics to access this data.

It is best to publish posts at 10: 00 and 17: 00. And on Thursdays and Saturdays to approach with special attention to the records and give all sorts of “Goodies”.

Use Hashtags

You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post. With their help, your subscribers find you. Use as hashtags: interests and hobbies of your target audience, events and places where it happens. Write them in the comments (and not in the “body” of the post itself), in order not to attract too much attention to them. Use popular hashtags and create your own.

Go through the pages of your subscribers and competitors. Select those who meet the needs of your target audience – it’s a good marketing step. Learn the hashtags they use and add them to your posts.

Also, don’t use #likeforlike #Followme and others, as they attract non-targeted subscribers.

Engage With Followers

Do you want your readers to be more active on the platform? Start engaging with them… in their account. Show interests, read posts, write comments. Only use something unique without duty “super”, “I like”, and «well done».

Link Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media

Reach as many potential customers as possible not forgetting about social networks. Add a link to your account in the signature of your mailbox and to pages in other social media. You can also send a newsletter using the email address database and invite your followers to join you on Instagram.

Make it a rule: wherever your target audience may be, publish a link to your Instagram account.

Contest With Influencers

Instagram Influencers

It is always useful and important to know the interests of your target audience. Find bloggers that your readers subscribe to and start communicating with them in the comments. Train yourself to stand out from others. This helps increase the number of followers who are actually interested in your content or services.

By the way, it is here that the right profile photo plays a huge role. Is it bright and attracts attention? Super. This means that the probability of switching and subscribing to your account increases.

Comment Other Accounts in Your Niche

Participants of marathons and flash mobs are open to communication, so it is very easy to establish friendly relations with them. And if you write interesting posts as part of these events, the growth of subscribers is guaranteed. And these will be active target followers. Also, post reviews of events you attend.

Test Instagram Ads

The easiest and most effective way to reach your target subscribers and to promote is through advertising. Correctly identify the audience, write a short catchy text to “hook” a lot of subscribers.

Advertising on Instagram is just beginning to develop as a tool. Remember how many ads usually slip through your feed? 1-2 maximum. This means that readers are not overloaded with advertising messages and are more loyal to them.