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Facebook Messenger is not just a way of communication for fun, even if it was created to serve this role.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Today it is a marketing tool, helping business owners to increase sales, to make the user experience smooth and make the interaction with the product more efficient. 

Chat bots are just one of the advantages that this tool provide. So, let’s have a look at how you can improve your marketing strategy and make your business grow and develop.

Content Delivering

One of the most outstanding features that Fb messenger offers is a possibility to deliver content to the users who have subscribed to the news and feed. It is easy and efficient way to keep your customers updated. Also you can easily create the chain of the messages to make your cold audience hot and increase the sales.

This feature in particular is one of the most widely used and implemented, as far it is the easiest way to interact with your target audience and be in touch with people who can become your customers.

But even if your business does not offer direct sales, content delivering can be a good option. You can send news, reviews, announcements about upcoming posts and events.

Now it is absolutely fair and Facebook will not process any penalties for the ones, sending such content. Good news, isn’t it?

Content Delivering

Private Auto-Responders on Facebook Posts

If you came to this section and are still reading, it means you have a lot of comments to be processed. 

But it is good, as far it shows the business growth. Still, there’s a little point to be mentioned – a lot of comments are just spam. Don’t forget about the negative ones, as far negative comments and your reaction to them shows other users the policy of the company. 

Decent, polite replies can increase trust even better, than good reviews. The reason is simple – people do not trust good reviews anymore, they are looking for the scandal, for some dirty tricks to be sure they are dealing with some real company. It might seem funny, but it is how it works.

In any case, as soon as the amount of comments on your page becomes substantial enough so one person can’t handle them, it’s time to think about auto responders. There are a lot of options available, and almost any social media marketing agency offers its software.

But why should you use it? Why is this tool so special? The answer is simple – open rate for Fb messages is close to 85%, and it is the highest one so far. However, if your goal is to make users more familiar with the product or in some way to warm the audience, auto-responders are a good thing to start with.

The tactics here can be different depending on the initial post, from sending back a funny picture, related to the topic, to a complex message.

Chat Widget for Blog

According to the statistics, people check their Fb messengers almost every 10 minutes. Can you imagine? Naturally if you want to be connected to your audience you should use this tool.

Implementing the chat widget to your blog you become more open to the customers, being in touch in the comfortable and casual environment – Fb messenger.

It is a nice option to communicate with the audience so people do not feel it to be an artificial attempt to sell something.

It works as follows. The customer on your website sees the chat window, opens it, types the answer and sends it. You get this text in your casual FB account as another message.

To embed the app, you should first of all log into account and hit “Settings” button

The settings window will open and you will see a lot of options in the list on the left. 


Choose Messenger Platform there

Choose Messenger Platform

Scroll a bit and add the domain


Scroll a bit lower and tap the Setup button as pointed In the picture

In the next window you can alter the first message

In the final step you will see a piece of JS code to be copied and saved somewhere for further use.

Now the work with your platform begins

Log into and move to Layout, and after – tap “Add gadget”

Select JS in the window which appears a couple of seconds later and paste the copied code.

So, that’s all for now. Enjoy!

Try Facebook Ads for Messenger

Fb is constantly testing new ads formats and monitors the most efficient ones. So far it is the Ads for Messenger. In other words, the ads are composed to motivate people to write to you there directly.

This format is relatively new, though it turned out to be an efficient one as far people are shifted to the needed action in a natural, casual way. It is one of its main advantages – being native and natural as any other day-today interaction.

Helping Followers Find Content

When you have a lot of content, a lot of customers and a lot of hashtags as well as key words, navigation becomes an issue. The more content you have, the more valuable your channels are. 

However, people start simply losing the information, omitting it being simply overloaded. Here the services come, which help to create such a bot for improving the navigation and making the user experience smoother. The most popular among them are Whole Foods Market, Food Network, and TechCrunch.