No Longer Just Wholesale, El Pipila is Now Open to the Public on Weekends

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Named after a hero from the Mexican War of Independence, wholesaler El Pipila Food Products at 1947 W. Division Street experienced its public coming out party this past weekend in conjunction with the Do Division Festival.

All weekend long, Alexa, the girlfriend of the owner’s son, Diego, sat on a chair outside the market, surrounded by pinatas and even watching customer’s dogs while they popped inside, and, at her insistence, sampled El Pipila’s fresh home made guacamole, tamales, and dried vegetables.

Alexa’s warm welcome and effervescence came as a surprise.

For the past 13 years, the market, which supplies many of the area bars and restaurants, and specializes in making and packaging all sorts of foods as well as producing its specialty of dehydrated fruits and veggies (including the very rare and hard-to-find ghost peppers), was strictly geared toward wholesale business.

Alexa explained to The Pipeline, “It was time to be more social.”

Diego added that the workers, namely his parents, prefer to just work on wholesale orders.  Until recently El Pipila lacked the personnel to staff a public store.

As for the not-so-welcoming bars on its windows, Diego reported that back in the 1990s, when El Pipila joined the block, Division Street looked very different than it does today.  Diego recently took a hiatus from studing IT in college to help out around El Pipila. Alexa is clearly holding down the fort with promotions and marketing.  She’s even hinting of a possible store name change, so stay tuned.

For the time being, El Pipila is open only to the public on weekends, from 8 am – 6PM. Call 773-395-3607 for more information, or just stop in. If you thought you didn’t like eating beets in any and all forms (like us), you’ll possibly be pleasantly surprised by El Pipila’s dehydrated beets as we were.




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