Arcade Brewery Gives Beer An “Extra Life”: Getting You Involved In Your Booze

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Are you one of those people who gets together with your friends to try craft beers and talk about the nerdiest stuff nobody at work really understands?  I am.  About once a week, I go to my favorite hometown bar (Cigars & Stripes in Berwyn) to catch up with my closest friends on everything from comics to movies to video games, all while tasting beers I’ve never tried before (IPA’s and Lambic being among my favorites).

Now, how cool would it be if you could have a say in which comic book artist designs your favorite beer?  Or which ingredients should be in it?

Well, Arcade Brewery is excited to get you involved.  The idea was spawned in 2010   by artist Christopher Tourre, who transformed art spaces into mini breweries, in a project called Public Brewery. The purpose of the project was to show the public how the beer making process works.

With popularity growing, Tourre approached friend Lance Curran about creating a brewery. The idea was that a website and public participation would determine several aspects of beer production, from contests for label designs to the flavors of upcoming seasonal beers.

6-Pack Stories, brainchild of Lance Curran, founder of Threadless Comic-On Tees, consists of each beer in the pack having an original comic played out across it.  Curran sought out big names to collaborate on the 6-Pack Stories, such as The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore, as well as Eisner-award nominated writer Jason Aaron.   With these creative minds working together, Arcade’s first signature beer, Grapefruit IPA, is coming to life.

So now that I’ve given you multiple nerdgasms over Tony Moore and Jason Aaron, let me tell you a way you could help Arcade Brewery get started.  If you want to get involved, here’s an excerpt from their press release about how to contribute via Kickstarter (locals might remember that Pipeworks Brewery, did a Kickstarter campaign to jump-start their brewery, now open at 1675 N. Western Ave.)

Arcade’s Kickstarter has set a goal of $30,000 to start. The duo explain on their Kickstarter page that the funds will be used to help offset the costs of initial equipment and supply purchases which are often a great barrier for any entrepreneur looking to break into the craft beer market. Some of the prizes include basic Arcade Brewery swag, private brewery tastings, commissioned artwork by popular comic artists, a custom Arcade Brewery arcade cabinet, and even your own likeness in a future 6-pack story for one lucky $10,000 donor.”

Wouldn’t it feel awesome taking your friends out to discuss your opinions on Diablo 3 or memories of your favorite Super Nintendo games while sipping a beer YOU helped make?  Then check out their website (, as well as their Kickstarter page.  Over $23,000 has been raised, with just 32 hours to go (as of posting time, 3:39PM, 5/22/2102). With your help, Arcade Brewery will bring their creations to a bar or liquor store near you soon!

-by Caitlin ‘CeCe’ Carroll

About CeCe: A former magazine journalism student and current babysitting fool/library aide, CeCe sums up the things she could never live without, as, “Coffee, cigarettes, breakfast, whiskey, and air, of coarse. ” She explores the ‘hood with fresh, wide open eyes, covering a variety of topics that interest her and hopefully you, too.  Got something cool for CeCe to check out? Send her an email. 

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