Three Events of Note Tonight… Plus Three People of Note: Steve, Joe, and Timmy

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There’s three events of note tonight (Wed. May 2nd): 

At 6PM, The WPB Chamber/SSA 33’s now sold-out party at The Bedford, 1612 W. Division, will introduce the 2012 Time Out Chicago printed neighborhood guide insert. PICTURED: TOC WPB Guide, summer of 2009, spotted at Pitchfork.

Across town, at 7PM, the Wicker Park Committee’s monthly meeting will take place in the park’s field house, 1425 N. Damen. A featured guest speaker from the ReBuilding Exchange will be present.

Lastly, those interested in mingling with 1st Ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno are welcome to pop by SmallBar, 2049 W. Division, for a 1st Ward Drink night from 6-8PM. First drink on the alderman. $5 suggested donation, per the April 26th 1st Ward e-newsletter.  PICTURED: A friendly SmallBar bartender!


In other news, in recent weeks, both Our Urban Times and WBEZ turned a spotlight on Steve Jensen, a local volunteer who helps to clean the streets, stop taggers, attend CAPS meetings, and promote unity. Like Joe Kopera, honored with a street sign, Jensen is a neighborhood wealth of information and a valuable asset to the neighborhood. Press well deserved! PICTURED is Steve at the Illinois Right to Carry Town Hall Meeting.

Another person that deserves recognition, as well as financial support from his large community of readers, is Timmy. His blog, the Logan Square Avondale Crime Blotter, has received almost 240,000 unqiue page visits with 159 followers.

Tim listens to the police scanner in Logan Square and transcribes it. He posts info like the following report, which had 10 comments from Readers.

On April 14th, he wrote the following message:

“Once again, I am so sorry to deliver this grim news. This has been the 3rd time in just under three years I’ve had to do this, and I know to all of you it seems like I’m just crying wolf, but really, I’m not. Our finances have been bad for years now, but times like this is when they sink at an all-time low. So, unfortunately, I will also have to end my involvement in the community once this whole thing takes effect.  I am so sorry, everyone. I really wish there was a way I could continue the blog and be involved.”

Read the rest of the post and see comments HERE.

While the pipeline does not solicit donations from readers like Timmy’s blog, we do solicit advertising to keep providing as much news as enthusiastically possible. If you are one of our many hundreds of readers, and regularly send us your news for inclusion, it is our hope that you will see value in advertising in Celebrate! our third PRINTED edition. It’s not a donation. In return, we provide advertising space in 30,000 printed copies, widely distributed, and at a very affordable rate. Details here. Deadline May 16th. Many thanks to all on board thus far. We look forward to being on the same page with you- literally- soon.



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  1. Joe Kopera, 3 years ago Reply

    FYI: The 1st ward event at Small Bar is not tonight, it is Thursday May 3rd.

  2. chicago-pipeline, 3 years ago Reply

    Yikes, thanks for the correction. 1st Ward Thursdays on Thursday.

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