14th District Police Respond to Suspicious Activity On 1800 Block of N. Milwaukee

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At 8:15AM today, a 911 call regarding two suspicious vans with out-of-state plates, which had been parked overnight on the 1800 block of North Milwaukee, prompted 14th District Police to investigate.

Upon arriving on the scene, the five responding officers discovered a group of 11 youths, three dogs, two rats, and a cat, sleeping inside the vans. The group explained that they had parked overnight so that they could join the Occupy Chicago movement at a May Day rally occurring downtown tomorrow. They also stated that they would possibly be staying in the Chicago area for one more night but would then be returning to California. An officer, not within hearing range of the youths, speculated to The Pipeline that they were more likely in the area to protest the upcoming NATO summit, though no proof of this was found.

Police questioned the group and demanded to see identification from all members. While most of them complied respectfully, three individuals were found not to be in possession of proper identification, including 21-year-old Evan Munn who had only a college issued ID and was found to be carrying a pocket knife. Munn was also cited as being uncooperative with officers and was briefly detained in a squad car. Ultimately no charges, including no parking violations, were filed against any members of the group and Munn was released, albeit without his pocket knife.

Officers had left the scene by 9 AM though the group remained parked for another 30 minutes before driving away, north on Milwaukee.  [See editor’s note]. During this time, The Pipeline asked Munn what had occurred. He replied that he had been “answering the officer’s questions with questions,” and that when asked to show his ID, he says he responded by asking if he was going to be charged with something. The Pipeline inquired where the youths had been driving from the prior night. Brandon Carrillo, who described himself as a musician, reported that he and those in his van had visited his grandmother’s house near Indianapolis, had dinner and showered, changed a light bulb for his grandmother, and then met up with a second van in Chicago.

“Where do you live?” The Pipeline asked Carrillo. “Here,” he said, pointing to one of the two vans.

-Alisa Hauser

edited by J.R. see his comments.

[Editor’s note: Alisa was intent on taking a thoroughly unbiased approach when covering this story and did not want to overly elaborate on the nature of the youths being questioned. I added “mostly unwashed and filthy clothes wearing” before “youth” but she deleted that. To clarify any confusion which might have been caused by her vague description of the suspects, this group was essentially akin to the filthy and unsavory trustafarians who arrive in Wicker Park each summer and sit on street corners begging for change. At the end of the story, I had added, “….the group remained parked for another 30 minutes and could be observed giggling and littering the ground with cigarette butts.”  Alisa, whose byline is on the story, did not observe them giggling and putting cigarette butts on the ground, so she deleted that, but I did witness it.

It should also be added that the group stated to The Pipeline that they were planning on filing a complaint against the officers who had questioned them. The Pipeline would like to note that we, both Alisa and myself, witnessed absolutely nothing which could be construed as police misconduct and that the officers were fully respectful of the rights of the suspects. – J.R., the Pipeline’s copy editor]


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  1. CJR, 3 years ago Reply

    Here’s a joke. How many hip homeless does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Apparently 11 youths, three dogs, two rats, and a cat.

  2. Wow, look up the word judgmental in the dictionary and your pictures would be there. You know absolutely nothing about these kids other than their clothes are dirty and they smell bad. Homeless, an assumption from one with a brain probably the size of a d, 3 years ago Reply

    Wow, look up the word judgmental in the dictionary and your pictures would be there. You know absolutely nothing about these kids other than their clothes are dirty and they smell bad. Homeless, an assumption from one with a brain probably the size of a dinosaur. In fact that handsome young man in the center of the group picture in my son, who is not homeless, is well educated but decided to take a few months to see our beautiful country from a new point of view. He will hold these memories for the rest of his life. Generally most of them positive, thank you to those who have not judged and been accepting to these young people who are doing something that most of us would never have the guts to try. God Bless you on the rest of your travels and hurry home

    • chicago-pipeline, 3 years ago Reply

      Thank you for writing in. Your son and everyone in van was cordial. It was the editor who was being judgmental. We got in a huge fight because of it. The editor tried to interject his thoughts on the youth into the writer’s story, if you see the note. I was very angry with him because he was interfering and inserting his bias. It has even resulted in my no longer wanting to live with him. He is a very good editor though and 90% of time he is right. We differed on this issue. Two vans parked overnight with out of state plates in front of a residential building is a cause of concern. That is why someone called police.

      • JR, 3 years ago Reply

        For the record (I’m the ‘editor’), Alisa has been my roommate for the past 8 months. I’ve offered to help her edit her stories and, consequently, most of said edits have been to remove the blatant and uncalled-for bias she inserts on a regular basis.

        However, that’s only tangentially relevant. Do I have a bias here? Absolutely. But did I write anything that wasn’t true and witnessed either by myself or Alisa? Absolutely not. In fact, it was Alisa who described the suspects to me as foul smelling and wearing dirty clothes but then tried to recant (and ultimately remove) that statement once one of them told her they’d showered the previous night.

        And forgive the dictionary, for it too must be biased and judgmental, but ‘homeless’ is defined as a person who is without a stable residence. Having access to a home but choosing to leave it doesn’t negate the term.

  3. Mary, 3 years ago Reply

    A 911 call made to report legally parked vans is a little over the top as far as neighborhood watch goes, but the comments added by the copy editor,
    J.R.?????, are uncalled for and exhibit unethical editing. Please keep such bias out of this newsletter

  4. tumbleweed jr., 3 years ago Reply

    I’ve traveled with alot of these very people and actually they live in a van so its a “stable residence” and this land called america is our home. yes, we are “houseless” but not “homeless”…I feel these comments and presentation of the article is very unprofessional.

  5. Trey Deeb, 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much, J.R., for your explanations at the end. It would have simply been droll without your rant at the end that has nothing to do with anything besides interjecting your toxic, biased, unethical comments that don’t change any of the important points of the story. A van was parked, it was traveling kids, they were questioned and let go. Run a blog if you want to complain about petty things, don’t try to turn someone else’s story into your own ‘what grinds my gears.’ You fail, sir. You epically fucking fail.

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