LSC Elections Tomorrow (April 18th), At Least One Parent Representative (who lost by one vote once) Really Wants Your Vote

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As mentioned in the community section of the past few pipeline e-newsletters, tomorrow, Wed. April 17th, between 6AM and 7PM, Chicago Public Schools will hold Local School Council (LSC) Elections. Students will enjoy the day off from classes, too.

Every Local School Council includes a principal, parents, community members, and school staff members. On the Elementary School level, there are 12 voting members (1 principal, 6 parent reps, 2 community reps, 2 teacher reps, and one non-teaching staff rep). On the High School Level there are 13 voting members (same as elementary breakdown except for one student representative).

LSCs evolved out of a 1988 Chicago School Reform Act.  The councils play an important role on the local level in terms of approving how school funds and resources are allocated, approving and monitoring the implementation of the annual school improvement plan, and hiring and evaluating the school’s contract principal.

Pictured is a mural at LaSalle II School (Photo by Philin Phlash).  LaSalle is one of five elementary schools in the pipeline’s coverage area:

A.N. Pritzker is at 2009 W. Schiller. As reported previously in the newsletter, there are 11 candidates vying for just 6 parent rep spots over at Pritzker.

Sabin is at 2216 W. Hirsch.

Jonathan Burr Elemenatry is at 1621 W. Wabansia.

LaSalle II is at 1148 N. Honore.

Pulaski International School is at 2230 W. McClean Ave.

In advance of the LSC Election (yes, we know it’s tomorrow but we’ve been busy covering timely events at The Congress Theater and soliciting participation in the upcoming summer printed edition), the pipeline welcomes ALL candidates to write in and do a bit of self promotion.

Steve Dillinger, a Bucktown parent, kind of indirectly wrote in and got this party started, due to the fact we’re on his contact list.  Following is an email that Dillinger sent out to his friends, family, acquaintances, etc. We’re sharing it with his permission. If you are a candidate, feel free to add your message to voters as a comment.  (In a perfect world, we’d cover the topic more thoroughly, though the world isn’t perfect. If you’d like to volunteer to help us cover the ‘school beat,’ send a note through our Contact Us page. Here’s Pulaski’s latest e-newsletter).

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, but probably do not, I am a candidate for Parent Representative of the Pulaski Elementary School Local School Council (LSC).   LSC’s are composed of parents, staff and community members who are tasked with overseeing the operation of the school.  
All of you know who I am (if you don’t let me know so I can remove you from my address book) and what I am about, so I’ll save you the boredom of reading about what a great Parent Representative I will make.  In exchange I kindly ask you take a moment this Wednesday to stop by Pulaski and vote (for me). 

Here are the details:


Pulaski International School

2230 W. McLean  (one block North of Armitage between Oakley and Leavitt)


Polls are open 6AM – 7PM.

You can vote for up to 5 parent and community members, but I need all the help I can get, so feel free to only vote for me.  If you want to be more democratic about it I can also recommend Jill Antoniewicz, Andrea Tolzman (both parent candidates) and Jesse Barrera (community candidate).   


There is always some confusion over who can vote for whom, so, to be clear, you do not have to be a parent to vote for me, you only have to live in the attendance boundary (here is a map).  You’ll probably be tired after work and won’t feel like voting, so consider stopping by on the way to work.  You can be in-and-out in less than 5 minutes.


Being this is Chicago, I should probably offer you some type of monetary- or alcoholic beverage-based ‘inducement’ to come out and vote (for me).  However, I refuse to run that kind of campaign.  Instead, I ask that you vote for me because of all the nice things I have done for you over the years.


Two last things.   


First, please feel free to spread the word about my candidacy.


Second, I was a candidate in the last LSC election and LOST BY ONE VOTE!  Really.   So don’t think your vote doesn’t count.  We aren’t talking Presidential election turnout here.  Candidates have won in the past with just over 100 votes.

In all sincerity, I would greatly appreciate your vote and I thank you in advance.  
Hope to see you around soon.
Steve Dillinger
PS Apologies in advance for the short, pithy email I will send on Wednesday to remind you.

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  1. Tim Morrison, 3 years ago Reply

    I would like to send in my endorsement for Ann Morrison as candidate for community representative on the LSC of Pulaski International School. For purposes of full disclosure, I am happily married to Ann. In my entirely unbiased opinion, Ann is the most qualified candidate I know.

    Ann is a dedicated Montessori teacher by day and is working towards her masters in Administration and Supervision and her Type 75 certification by night. She would make a great addition to the LSC at Pulaski.

    Please vote for Ann Morrison as an LSC community representative at Pulaski.


  2. henry baskerville, 3 years ago Reply

    I second the nomination of Ann Morrison. She is a hard worker and would make an excellent LSC representative.

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