1st Ward Campaign Signs Spotted on Bloomingdale Trail Overpass

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As Tuesday’s primary (of which record low voter turnout is predicted) approaches, 1st Ward Ald. Proco Joe Moreno’s Committeeman campaign signs have again been spotted on public property, this time on the Bloomingdale Trail overpass railing, right next to the Milwaukee/Leavitt future trail access park.

The long stalled Bloomingdale Trail project got a $7 million funding boost this past week courtesy of Exelon. The news was announced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a March 12, 2012 press conference in Humboldt Park.

Considering Mayor Emanuel wasn’t so keen on the Free Green Cans, involving privately-owned recycling receptacles on the streets that lacked the proper permitting and contained advertisements for Moreno, The Pipeline wonders how Rahm would feel about seeing Moreno’s election signs along the Bloomingdale Trail?

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