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Good day! We are working on the next printed edition of the Pipeline (check out info here). Like kids, which comedian Chris Rock once said “are a pain in the ass, but worth it,” we feel the same way about print! Not everyone is on the ‘Net or one of the pipeline’s 3,000 subscribers plugged into our weekly e-newsletter, thus there’s still a need for an occasional print edition. Thanks to the businesses and groups who participated in We’re in the Neighborhood last summer as well as Celebrate! A Holiday Magazine, which was published this past December in collaboration with Elaine Coorens, publisher of Our Urban Times.  Call 773-960-3997 to be part of the summer magazine!

Noon: Court Date for Alexander Hampton  (1st District Criminal Court building, Branch 66, Room 101, 26th and California). At Branch 66, Hampton, the alleged offender in the flower shop robbery/attack last month, “Will just be assigned to another courtroom and given a new date for his arraignment,” per Joe Kopera, a volunteer court advocate recently honored with a parkway.  According to Kopera, at these Branch 66 appearances, “You go in a court room, they bring the prisoner out, and will schedule a date for the arraignment.” Thanks to Kopera, The Pipeline will keep readers posted on this case and others.

Tomorrow, Kopera will be present in court as the lawyer for Kristopher J. Klimala, the ‘Wicked’ tagger who fatally stabbed another tagger a few month back, “will likely plead not guilty and follow a motion for discovery,” Kopera told The Pipeline in a telephone conversation.

In other cases on Kopera’s watch, Michael Giffin, the 25-year-old UIC youth soccer coach currently free on bond after being charged with a brutal sexual assault in a Bucktown condo building on January 25, 2012, does not have a new court date yet. “He’s out on bail, his family was in court. [Giffin] has two high powered lawyers working on his case and they had a motion to retain all notes taken by police at the time of the arrest,” Kopera said.

Other events tonight are as follows.

7PM: Public Meeting to Discuss LHTBM (St. Paul’s Church, 2115 W. North)

Via an email from Laura Weathered, executive director of the Near North West Arts Council, titled “Wicker Park Arts Evicted by Cult,” pasted below, we were reminded of tonight’s Public Meeting to discuss the future of St. Paul’s Church, which was sold to the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission. Pipeline contributor Nick Przybyciel, a Northwestern Medill student, will be attending the meeting and reporting on this story as it develops. Stay tuned.


7PM: Celebration: 4-Year Anniversary Party (The Fifty/50, 2047 W. Division)

Congrats to The Fifty/50 on Year 4!

7-8:30PM: Community: Garden Club Design Lecture with Craig Bergmann (WP Fieldhouse)

Per 32nd Ward Alderman Waguespack’s latest e-newsletter, “Join the Wicker Park Garden Club 2012 Lecture Series, (presented in collaboration with the Chicago Park District), to hear some of the region’s finest designers discussing their inspirations, their design process, and the details of selected completed designs. For a calendar of upcoming lectures, click here. Next upcoming designer is Craig Bergmann.”

Monday, March 12, 2012
7:00P.M -8:30 P.M
 $8 at Door
Wicker Park Field House 
1425 N. Damen

Reservations are required: or call (773) 278-9075 

Wicker Park Arts Evicted by Cult
Near NorthWest
Arts Council
Wicker Park Art Center
2215 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647Call us with any questions
773.278.7677Chicago City Arts granteeIAC, a state agency
Public Meeting with Alderman MorenoMonday March 12 at 7 PMAlderman Moreno has agreed to host a public meeting with NNWAC and local residents to discuss the transfer of ownership
of St Paul’s Community Church to the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission. Invitations have been sent to the trustees of both St Paul’s Community Church including Petrina Patti, Nell Levendusky, Crystal Freke and Steve Yonkowski and to Jacek Jankowski, Treasurer of Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission.The church building has truly amazing acoustic qualities and a wonderful history.  Many local musicians, theater, film and performance artists are enthralled by the architectural space.
We don’t know that any access will be available to the community, because Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission has not been willing to discuss their plans with anyone.This is a crisis situation for NNWAC, for artists and community. It demonstrates the need for more effective partnerships. Common space is an inherited legacy that should be protected for future generations. The neighborhood is losing the character that made the community unique, and the Wicker Park Bucktown Master Plan called for planning strategies to protect larger buildings for arts development.There are four churches for sale nearby, NNWAC would prefer to trade with the new owners, but they aren’t open to any discussion, whatsoever. Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission has a dubious reputation withJoin the discussion, defend the arts, and help protect space for creative work.
Contact Us:
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