Ronda Locke Responds to Free Green Can Post by Anne Shaw

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Chicago-Pipeline, in the coming weeks, encourages readers, community members, and candidates to write in with their thoughts, if any, on the contenders in the March 20, 2012 primary and the issues at hand. At least one week before the election we will do our best to put together a piece aggregating everything we’ve posted content-wise, as well as from other sites. Volunteers wishing to assist with this task are most welcome to join us. Thanks to Nick Pryzbyciel, a Northwestern student who attended this BCO Candidate Forum and reported on the “bottom ballot” judge candidates. Thanks also to Daniel Gerzinga who wrote about Anne Shaw and expressed his views.

We received an email from Ronda Locke today regarding Anne Shaw’s post, which we’d solicited from Shaw for inclusion in the weekly Pipeline e-newsletter as a result of a comment thread on the Wicker Park Committee’s Facebook Page between myself, Shaw, and Joe Lake. We considered Shaw’s writings to be an “Opinion-Editorial,” though perhaps we need to find a better word for this type of post? Any ideas? We then let Ronda know that she is welcome to respond to Shaw’s post here, as well as submit a bio for herself.  Ronda’s “Opinion-Editorial” and bio is as follows:

A Free Green Can, photo by Philin Phlash

I am writing as someone that has been an active community member in the East Village Neighborhood for seven years and not as someone that works for Alderman Moreno, which I have for the last 18 months.

I was very concerned about the op ed piece by Anne Shaw in the recent Pipeline. Most concerning is her contention that the Alderman’s message on the Free Green Cans are political. If you look at the cans, which are very visible in the Huffington Post piece, you will clearly see that it says nothing about voting or committeeman.

Secondly, Anne is running on a platform of safety, but the committeeman has nothing to do with safety. And in the last four years, neither my predecessor nor myself has seen her at any CAPS meetings.

Anne refers to herself as being active in the East Village community. Serving the community is something I GREATLY appreciate and respect. Now granted my seven years as a community activist have been a bit more kid focused; parks, schools, peer jury, East Village Board member… but I can’t help but wonder how our paths did not cross until the closing of the 13th district and at a political gathering for women who have been groomed for future political office.

I am a personal proponent of the Free Green Cans mostly because it makes recycling easily accessible on the street and because the garbage actually is managed and not overflowing. Every time a city employee touches a garbage can – it costs the city nearly $7 and with the Free Green Cans it costs me, as a tax payer, nothing.  Some things seem like they should be no brainers.

I have high respect for Alderman Moreno’s pragmatic, get it done approach and I hope that voters will look at the facts as it pertains to the Free Green Can program.

-By Ronda Locke

Ronda Locke resides in the East Village Neighborhood with her husband and two daughters and has been active in the community since moving to the neighborhood seven years ago. She championed and help to renovate Commercial Park Playground, helped to lead the parent organization for the first two years of LaSalle II’s existence, has volunteered for Chicago Police Department’s Peer Jury and sat on the board of East Village Association among other volunteer efforts. All before joining 1st Ward Aldermanic staff 18 months ago.


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  1. Demetrius Freeman, 3 years ago Reply

    A very honest response from an incredible asset to her community. People need to understand that using fear mongering to convince people that you should be elected to a position that has not say whatsoever in public safety is wrong and misleading.

    You if you want to be the committeeman you have to be able to show how you plan on organizing the DEMOCRATIC political activities of the ward. To encourage voters and give them their voice when a position is vacated and needs to be filled.

  2. Katrina, 3 years ago Reply

    Ronda: Thank you for all your service to our community. You are a gift our neighborhood, and I hold your opinion in high regard. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Matt, 3 years ago Reply

    Ronda, If it was not a story of significance, then why did CBS News do this Trash Can expose, followed up by a second story noting that the City has had the illegal cans removed – along with comments from the Mayor stating: “each alderman has to make their own decision. I would highly recommend, if a company’s not following the rules, as set up by the City Council, I wouldn’t be cooperating with them by advertising.”

    The facts are, Alderman Moreno broke the rules. Sure we can use more garbage cans, but there is a process that needs to be followed. If the process is broken, then Alderman Moreno should work to fix it, rather than sidestep it and place illegal garbage cans all over the First Ward.. coincidentally featuring a nearly life-size photo of the Joe Moreno a few weeks before the election. You might not call that campaigning, but it sure ‘looks’ like it.

  4. Demetrius Freeman, 3 years ago Reply

    @matt- Because CBS had nothing better to talk about and the incumbent committeemen who before this election and that broadcast no one knew was or what he even looked like. Alderman Moreno is trying to fix that process and is on an Aldermanic task force to do just that and was showing the rest of the city something they should already be doing. As for the advertisement they clearly have his city service office information. What better outreach than that? All in the effort of bringing assistance and services to the ward residents.

    • Matt, 3 years ago Reply

      I guess this love-fest for Moreno is at a level that respondents here have a difficult time of following the facts. Moreno side-skirted the City of Chicago Streets and San permitting process. He broke the rules – that simple.

      True to his slogan, Moreno was transparent.. very transparent in his efforts to post his photo all over the first ward.

  5. dlp, 3 years ago Reply

    What i’m not understanding in this whole story is why Ronda did not advise the Alderman against this? She has background with TerraLocke as an environmental sustainability consultant, where was the consultation for the alderman NOT to do this when the permits were not in place? Ronda was present at a meeting with the trash can company on Feb 7th and knew SSA 33 did not approve the presentation give by Free Green Cans specifically stating the permits were not in place. Where was the consultation as a sustainability consultant and was there a report back to the Alderman that SSA 33 was against the cans?

  6. marcincz, 3 years ago Reply

    Matt is right. The alderman broke the rules. Why are people defending him? If the alderman can break a rule like this so easily, what else is going on behind the scenes?

    The alderman stated in his blog he knew they didn’t have the right permits, but he proceeded knowing they were being worked on. What does this mean? As long as we are working on a permit for something, we can start early even though it hasn’t been received. Lengthy wait to receive a construction permit? If your in Morenos ward go ahead, as long as you’re working on it. Studying to get your learners permit to drive? Hey, go ahead as long as you do it in the first ward. Rules and laws exist for a reason, they keep order in our society and they keep people honest. The alderman should follow the law too, he cannot say which laws should be followed and which can be broken, even if it is for the greater good. Recycling is a wonderful thing for the community, I’m sorry he had to go about it like this.

  7. Blonda, 3 years ago Reply

    These cans are all over Lincoln Park. They are great. Why so much bureaucracy to get such a simple action in place. Seem to be the problem with all government. Every thing has to be studied to death and forms filled out in triplicate and brought to the office in person between the hours of 10-11:30am and 2-3:30pm Mon-Fri or some such impossible tasking to get any action.
    I have asked for a trash receptacle on my block in Humboldt Park for a few years. Streets and Sanitation has taken no action. There is a pile of bottles and trash long ignored by the city. I even had a warning from a city worker. That person said they would take care of it. Nothing. Just a regular rotation of Wild Irish Rose and Cobra Malt Liquor bottles piling up or broken on my sidewalk.

    • chicago-pipeline, 3 years ago Reply

      Sorry to hear that. It seems like you really need a trash can on your block! If Free Green Cans had gotten permits, and enough advertising, maybe Wild Rose could’ve advertised on the can to support all of its empty bottles littering the ground?

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