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So if you’ve been keeping up with Pipeline news, Dr. Martens is planting roots in what we formerly knew as the Earwax Cafe.  As a boots enthusiast, yes, I’m sad to see the creatively decorated cafe go, but ecstatic to see the new Doc’s store open shop across the street from my workplace!  I’m seriously going to do some damage to my wallet as soon as those doors open to the public.  Just the other day, I had to talk myself out of stopping into Fluevog to admire a $300 pair of high top boots.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Boots are literally EVERYWHERE!  And at places like John Fluevog’s store, they don’t run cheap.  Opening a shop in Seattle in 1985, his shoes were designed for the rebellious youth of the town.  His shoes survived due to the time he opened his stores, where punk and grunge culture thrived upon his designs.  He came to Bucktown in 1999, where to this day we’ve embraced him with eager, welcome arms.  Shoes made by Fluevog are also eco-friendly, which in a neighborhood where so many of us recycle and live a “green” lifestyle, is highly important.  Ranging from $200-$500 a pair, they’re a relatively high price to pay, but worth the history, style, and durability behind each shoe.

Boots and sweater dress at Mildblend (formerly Untitled/photo by alisa

And as for our upcoming Dr. Marten’s, their story goes way beyond the grunge movement and 80’s punk scene.  Docs created their company around the 1960s, selling their shoes in Britain to the sub-culture of youths.  These shoes have scene decades of revolution and style change.  Not only are the shoes fashion icons in their own right, but withstand rough terrain and are perfect for work, hiking, etc.  There’s literally a style of Docs for every occasion, fashion wave, and revolt in the 60 years!  My personal favorites that are perfect for fall/winter?  The Triumphs (PICTURED), with their plaid interior, high top (which you can buckle into an ankle boot to show off the plaid), and black, leather exterior.  Docs are an average or $100-200 bucks a pop.

You don’t have to break the bank to be seen in the shoes almost everyone in the ‘hood is rocking.  Thrift stores in the area sell Dr. Marten’s for about $25-50, and Fluevog’s for $30-60.  Or hunt out your own, non-name brand ones.  Both my favorite pairs of ankle high boots were $7 bucks each!  I literally tore through a small thrift store’s shelves to find them.  I’ve been seeing a lot of boots in the area with a low or no heel, perfect for transitioning into the icy, snowy winter season.  Brown and tan are great for fall, pairing nicely with the neutral colored trends being spotted the closer we get to October.  Black is always in style no matter what color the leaves are.

Boots spotted on the City Soles webpage- City Soles will be participating in the upcoming Celebrate! Holiday magazine, which will be featuring my story about family-run businesses!

With the spotty rain we’ve been experiencing, I’d say the lower the heel and more durable, the better.  Finding a pair of sturdy boots or rain boots is probably a wise choice.  Pair it with skinnier jeans and a cardigan and you’re warm and fashionable!  I’m aware this column is significantly short, but Rosh Hashannah is this week, and Alisa’s got that going on as well as lots more editing to do!  Let’s cut her workload, shall we?  I promise a much longer edition of CeCeSees next week.  Email me your suggestions at cece489@gmail.com.  I could always use an extra set of eyes as far as my trend spotting! :)

-CeCe Sess

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    So enjoy reading CeCe’s take on trends, fashions and goings on in and about Wicker Park. I’m becoming huge fan of her and this news letter.

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    I look forward to this column every week! CeCe Sees totally turned me on to pipe line too! Rock and roll, CeCe!

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