Dispatch from the Mo’ Rockin Fashion Fest

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“It was pretty damn cool for a parking lot fashion show,” observed photographer Philin Phlash, who popped by the 3rd Annual Mo’ Rockin Fashion Fest at Division Street’s Moonshine this past Saturday.

The daylong event attracted a few thousand people and included local designers selling their wares, a red carpet runway featuring models showcasing the hottest trends, as well as food and a packed roster of dance and music talent. Even Phlash’s daughter Emma was on the scene, tie-dying her dad’s LOVE T-shirts.

“It was powerful because women put it together, and there were even newscasters hosting it who shop at the Gomez sister’s salon,” Phlash said when he popped by Filter cafe this morning where we set up ‘shop,’ since ‘Net at the new place is not yet up and running– and yes this is making our strong inner homebody feel kind of- OK, a lot- stressed. It did not help matters when Phlash admonished us (alisa) for not having popped by the fashion event on Saturday, since “It was a big thing.”

For the record, The Pipeline was busy moving on Saturday, uprooting our life after nearly seven years in one spot. In the future we hope that Phlash logs into WordPress– we sent him a confirmation weeks back- and begins writing his own stories.  It takes time to photo edit and cover the many events that Phlash personally attends in addition to the many events that we attend, along with editing stories submitted by other pipeline contributors, and selling advertising.

The good news is that it’s ‘Back-to-School’ for Phlash’s three kids, and their dad will hopefully take the opportunity and this new-found day time to assist us with selling advertising space in the upcoming Pipeline holiday booklet so that Phlash can pay himself through commission (we know, not fun, but somebody has to do it, or else we’ll just say F*ck it and join the rail riders) as well as begin writing and photo editing his work, and there’s a lot of it. The man gets around!

Now we’re all outta love for our star photojournalist and need to work on other sections of today’s newsletter, running at least a day or two behind due to moving festivities. On tap we’ve got Back to School News, Bucktown Arts Fest dispatch, Residential and Commercial Spaces, Tidbits, Linkypoos, CeCe Sees on Burlesque, and the week ahead calendar.

It’s going to be a long day, but we would not have it any other way. Underneath it all, we love what we do and are thankful to be able to do it, even if we have to figure out a way to keep on doing it.

Once the boxes clear, the years of dust and grime get wiped away, and the paint dries, we’ll be fully revved up about our “new life chapter” and living with Joe, who designed the Pipeline booklet. We can’t explain it, especially to our mother who in a fit of emotion while surveying our new place literally pointed to the condos across the street and asked us why can’t we live in a place like that, or find a man to marry and support us (um, really?!?! why do mothers, especially ones that have witnessed us doing just fine on our own, say annoying stuff like this?)

There was another event Phlash attended in addition to the Bucktown Arts Fest (check out his pics from Bucktwon Arts Fest here!) which he just told us about.

“Do you want me to go home and write something about the biker thing on Friday night (we are guessing he is referring to Critical Mass) and send it to you?” Phlash just asked.

“Yes, that would be great. The more you do on our own, it’s a big help. Don’t send us anything, though, log into WordPress or log into your blog, we will link to whatever you write in the next newsletter,” we said.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and suspect Phlash will deliver on his promise. He’s that kind of guy and that’s why we love him.

Stay tuned.

-Pics by Philin Phlash, words by Alisa




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